EFFI-Sharp V2 new generation of shape projector.

EFFI-sharp v2 highly powerful LED projector, homogeneous and focused short or long distance for industrial vision and quality control.

EFFI-Sharp V2 is the new high power projector from EFFILUX. It projects shapes such as discs, squares or other custom shapes.

Compared to its predecessor EFFI-Sharp, the V2 is up to 10 times more powerful* & offers the possibility to easily interchange masks.

There is 2 versions of EFFI-Sharp V2 :

- Compact version (standard) : EFFI-Sharp-CPT
- Heat sink version : EFFI-Sharp-PSV

Each version offers different electronical & mechanical specifications to suit your needs.

* depending on the chosen LED card

Lighting suitable for high-speed video

- Technical specifications -

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