QUALITY - Every Detail Matters.

Quality is of utmost importance at EFFILUX. We believe quality is the key and we are committed to providing reliable products to meet our customers’ requirements.

Representation of an EFFI-Sharp projecting a red beam of light on a surface

All of our lighting follows stringent principles and tests at every stage of product development and production, ensuring we deliver top quality products and solutions to our customers.

From mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical simulations, to tests concerning sealing, mechanical strength, individual testing of each light, EFFILUX has built up strong quality control capabilities through years of experience to ensure the reliability and accuracy of every single product that leaves our facility.

As part of our continuous improvement policy, we constantly review international and domestic standards and regulations together with our customer’s specific requirements to ensure high standard of quality control.

EFFILUX products come with a certificate and user manual. Industrial standard certificates can be provided upon request.


Warranty Period

EFFILUX products come with 2-year warranty (1-year warranty for radiant quantity), starting from the date of delivery.

- UV products (wavelength under 420nm) come with 1-year warranty.
- Polarizers do not come with warranty.