EFFILUX specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling powerful, flexible and easy-to-use LED lighting solutions for machine vision, quality control, scientific imaging, biomedical, optical measuring devices, and many other applications.

- The Beginning -

Our story began in 2009, when 3 young graduates & 1 researcher specializing in Optics decided to build a startup to offer innovative machine vision lighting. With an in-depth know-how in optics and a strong passion for creating flexible & easy-to-use lightings, EFFILUX has been transforming and expanding rapidly over the last decade.

- Our values. Our identity -

Innovation has been embedded in the DNA of the company since its inception. EFFILUX differentiates itself through cutting-edge flexible LED lighting design, extensive sales & technical expertise, strong customization capabilities, and comprehensive lighting solutions with superior quality.

- Teamwork makes the Dream work -

From our R&D engineers who develop innovative products and technologies, to our highly skilled technical & commercial sales team who prioritize customers’ needs, the EFFILUX team works closely together, always striving to contribute to our customers success and satisfaction by delivering the most suitable solutions.

- From Local to Global -

Thanks to the strong support and trust from our worldwide customers and partners, EFFILUX is now the machine vision lighting leader in Europe and growing its presence in the global market rapidly. With dedicated sales offices in France (Paris, Lyon), Germany (Koln), USA (Boston), and a worldwide network after becoming part of CCS Group, we ensure the delivery of quality products and services to our customers regardless of location.

- Our team -

We pay particular interest to our team. The complementary skills, the spirit of cohesion and development are the strength of EFFILUX and therefore your project success.

- Our network of partners -