Electronical accessories pulse controller.

Allows you to control the lighting in order to create intense flashes of light that will be synchronized with the camera.

- Description -

EFFILUX pulse controllers are designed for high throughput vision applications. They can control the power light to create bright flashes of high intensity that will be synchronized with the camera.

The principle is to feed the high power LED lighting for very short times so as to provide a large amount of light for the time of acquisition.

It is important to respect the cycle time to avoid overheating the lighting system.

It can control multiple lightings with a single controller (up to 4 channels). The output current can reach up to 1A @ 30V in continuous and 10A @ 200V in strobe mode. In addition, Ethernet and RS232 connectors are available across the range.

EFFILUX also provides cables for these controllers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Pulse controller Characteristics Software CAD
EFFI-IPSC4 4 channels, Ethernet RS232, max. current per channel 10A@200V in pulse mode and 1A@30V in continuous, LxWxH 130x142x56 mm.
Response time : 2 μs , minimal pulse length : 2 μs at 10A.

> EFFI-IPSC4 cables

Connectivity Orientation Length Part number Compatibility
M8 - Female Male - 3 pins Straight Straight 2 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-3-DD-L2 EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Tele
5 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-3-DD-L5 EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Tele
10 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-3-DD-L10 EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Tele
M8 - Female Male- 4 pins Straight Straight 2 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-4-DD-L2 EFFI-Sharp V2, EFFI-Lase V2, EFFI-Ring
5 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-4-DD-L5 EFFI-Sharp V2, EFFI-Lase V2, EFFI-Ring
10 m EFFC-CAB-M8-SUBD-FM-4-DD-L10 EFFI-Sharp V2, EFFI-Lase V2, EFFI-Ring
naked cable (order with screw connector) Straight 2 m EFFC-CAB-SUBD-M-5-D-L2 Custom
5 m EFFC-CAB-SUBD-M-5-D-L5 Custom
10 m EFFC-CAB-SUBD-M-5-D-L10 Custom

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