EFFI-Smart Double row LED bar .

EFFI-Smart dual-row waterproof LED bar lighting for industrial vision and quality control.

EFFI-Smart is a dual row high power LED bar with highly flexible design which allows user to easily adjust lens positioning and diffuser plates when necessary.

A combination of EFFILUX's sophisticated technologies:

  • Choice of 3 diffuser plates (Clear, Semi-diffuse, Diffuse) for user to create a suitable balance between power and homogeneity.
  • 4 adjustable lens positions to easily change the emission angle from 90° to 10°.
  • Integrated controller for dimming or auto-strobe functionality. In case of Auto-strobe, it offers 700% increased intensity in strobe mode as compared to continuous operation.
  • Robust design with IP67 rating to overcome challenging working environments.
  • Available in UV, blue, green, red, IR, white.
  • Wavelengths: white, red, infrared (850nm) (other wavelengths are available on request)

  • Lighting suitable for high-speed imaging & video

    - Technical specifications -