EFFI-SDOME Compact & flexible dome light

EFFI-SDOME, Small homogeneous powerful LED dome for industrial vision and quality control

- Characteristics -

  • Built-in driver with Auto-Strobe feature
  • Only 15mm thick
  • NPN and PNP Strobes
  • Available in 3 fixed sizes
  • 4 segments
  • Monochrome or multicolor versions
General CAD

- Available wavelengths -

Blue (465nm)
Green (525nm)
Red (625nm)
IR (850nm)
White (000) (T°= 5700 k ± 500 K)
Y : wavelength

> 1 Channel version

Bezeichnung : EFFI-SDOME-100-Y- ...

Contact us for any other wavelength.

> 4 Channels version

EFFI-SDOME has 4 independent frames. It is possible to choose a color for each segments.
Bezeichnung : EFFI-SDOME-100-YYYY- ...

Contact us for any other wavelength.

Even in monochromatic version, the 4 segments are independently controllable.


The EFFI-SDOME is a very flexible light. It can easily be transformed into a small Ring light : EFFI-SRING.

- Mounting accessories -

Example of fixation that can fit on the MDOME and hold a camera

EFFILUX proposes a camera mounting bracket for combining effi-FD light with a camera.

See cameras fixings