EFFI-BL backlight.

EFFI-BL | Powerful homogeneous LED backlight backlight for industrial vision and quality control.

EFFI-BL is a large LED backlight. Its high power and homogeneity provide optimal contrast for backlit camera inspections.


Typical application: control the specific parameters of an object (contour, shape, hole, morphology)

  • Excellent homogeneity greater than 90%.
  • Anti-reflection system that absorbs the reflections of "parasitic" lighting around the system
  • Built-in "DIM" driver for precise light intensity control
  • Easily customizable
Logo 90% Homogénéité

- Technical specifications -

- Dimensions -

YYY : optical length (mm)
50 100 150 200 250 300 400 500 ...
XXX : optical width (mm) 50
Three backlights forming a pyramid.

EFFILUX offers you all possible dimensions for EFFI-BL up to 1.5 m in steps of 50 mm.

Part number : EFFI-BL-XXX-YYY...


- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Green* Red IR White
(T°= 5700 k ± 700 K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 525 625 850 000

Part number : EFFI-BL-XXX-YYY-ZZZ

Other wavelengths are possible on request.
* Optional

LED lighting, EFFI-BL is available in different colors according to customer demand. The color varies thanks to a variation of the wavelength of the lighting.

- Additional options -

> Option: Polarizer

In the case of backlight applications, the polarizer is used to highlight solder, hole or differences in thickness in transparent materials.


If polarizer, add -POL in the part number

Vision of a camera illuminated by a standard EFFI-Flex for machine vision and quality control. Vision of a camera illuminated by an EFFI-Flex equipped with a Polarizer for machine vision and quality control.

> Option: Zebra

The zebra mask is used by EFFILUX in metrology and deflectometry to reveal defects (stripe, impact, or positioning ...) on reflective, transparent, or semi-transparent surfaces ... For more information on these applications, please refer to this page.


If zebra option, add -ZB in the reference
Please contact us.

Difference between two shots of a glass vial one with zebra technology and the other without

> Option: Collimation film

The Collimation option allows you to collimate the light and reduce the angle of emission.


For an EFFI-BL collimated in both directions, add -COLI in the reference.
Option available for all EFFI-BL less than or equal to 400mm by 400mm.
For collimation in a single direction, please contact us.

Backlight with a collimated filter.

You can find the drawing in the Download tab.

- Mechanical versions EFFI-BL -

Sealing Thickness Small footprint Smooth walls
Food Version
Standard Version
Thin edges
Stainless-steel Version
presentation of the different backlight of the EFFILUX range, the EFFI-BL, EFFI-BL thin edge and the EFFI-BL-IP69K with these 3 products to meet your needs.

EFFILUX offers all possible dimensions for EFFI-BLand EFFI-BL fine edges, up to 1.5 m in steps of 50 mm.
In addition, for applications requiring even more compact backlight illumination, Effilux offers the EFFI-SBL , IP67 backlighting.

The EFFI-BL is equipped with a T-NUT M6 groove along its 4 sides. Effilux offers compatible fixing accessories.

> Option: Thin edges

Explanatory diagram representing the dimensions of the components of the Effi-BL-100-200T and Effi-BL-100T-200 with fine edges for industrial vision and quality control

Thin Edges: Add a 'T' after the dimension that must have a thin edge.

Contact us for any request for CAD not present on the site or for larger dimensions.

> Option: Slot cover

In the clean room, crevices, holes and abrasive surfaces should be avoided to better prevent the accumulation of impurities. Effilux offers to add plastic groove covers on the profiles of the EFFI-BL to guarantee a clean and suitable finish.

Part number : EFFI-BL-XXX-YYY-ZZZ-CR

For the yellow groove covers add -CR (Clean Room) at the end of the reference.
The four covers are delivered separately. Contact Effilux for more information.

Slot cover mount on an EFFI-BL

- Weight -

Here are the weight of different EFFI-BL and EFFI-BL thin edges, they will allow you to give you an idea of the following weight the size of the EFFI-BL wanted..

Dimensions Weight
100-100 0.8 kg
300-300 3.5 kg
500-500 7.9 kg
100-200 1.3 kg
100-300 1.7 kg
100-500 2.7 kg

- Connectivity -

The EFFI-BL is supplied directly with 24V DC via one or more M12 - 4 pins, or M12 power 4 - pins, depending on the electrical consumption of the product. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 4-pin M12 connector used to power the Effi-BL for machine vision and quality control
Pin number Designation Cable color
1 +24V brown
2 n.a. white
3 GND blue
4 AIC: Analog Control of Intensity
Max 24V DC

For an EFFI-BL with multiple connectors, the only AIC signal taken into account is that of the connector closest to the angle of the product.

Power Number of connectors
Up to 70 W 1X M12
75W - 145W 2X M12 or 1X M12 Power
150W - 270W 3X M12 or 1X M12 Power
275W - 560W 2X M12 Power
Up to 560W Specific configuration

Refer to the datasheet for details of the electrical consumption of each EFFI-BL

For devices operating at 150mA, the number of connectors will have to be discussed.

- AIC Control -

> Classic version

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-BL as a function of the current received thanks to a AIC pin - Used for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-BL is powered by a 24V DC source.

Using the AIC pin, the luminous intensity can be increased linearly:
• 0V - OFF
• 24V - Full ON

- Option: Power Version & High Power Version -

Standard Version

Power Version ("S150")

High Power Version ("S600")

If Power version (only available in white), add -S150 at the end of the reference.
Use with a duty cycle ‹ 30% mandatory.

Part number: EFFI-BL-XXX-YYY-S150

If high power LED version, add -S600 at the end of the reference.
Use with a duty cycle ‹ 5% mandatory.
Available only for step sizes 100mm by 100mm.

Part number: EFFI-BL-XXX-YYY-S600

Please contact us .

- Mechanical accessories -

- Optical accessories -

- Electronical accessories -

- Available upon request -



Great Dimension

IP version

For all other inquiries contact EFFILUX.

- Datasheet -

- User manual -

- CAD -

> EFFI-BL standard

YYY : optical length (mm)
XXX : optical width (mm) 50 100 150 200 250 300 400 500

EFFILUX offers you all possible dimensions for EFFI-BL up to 1.5 m in steps of 50 mm. You can find them in documentation.

Contact Us for any CAD not present on the site or for larger sizes.

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