EFFI-Flex adjustable beam angle LED bar.

EFFI-Flex lighting LED bar high power direct or grazing or Backlight for industrial vision and quality control.

The EFFI-Flex LED bar is equipped with high power LEDs , it provides multiple solutions in a single light by offering different lens positions.

It is available in a variety of colors, compact and easy-to-mount due to its industrial profile. Thanks to the different diffusers and optical accessories, the EFFI-Flex offers direct, low-angle or diffused lighting suitable for many machine vision applications, robotics, logistics, etc.

  • Flexibility in the choice of diffuser and emission angle (from 90° to 10°) to find the right compromise between power, illuminated area and uniformity
  • Integrated controller with Auto-strobe feature allowing for 300% increased intensity while being strobed when compared to continuous mode.
  • A Robust design for applications in harsh environments

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Available options

For any reference with options or customizations, refer to the corresponding technical specifications tabs for more details.

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