Electronic accessories potentiometer.

EFFI-Dimmer - The dimmer proposed by EFFILUX. Adjusts the light intensity.

EFFI-Dimmer is the dimmer proposed by EFFILUX. It adjusts the light intensity (via control of DIM) of the following products : EFFI-Flex "ELS" version, EFFI-Flex-BL, EFFI-BL, EFFI-FD, EFFI-Lase, EFFI-Sharp, EFFI-Telecentric, EFFI-Smart, EFFI-Lase V2...

Input : a M12 connector plugged to a 24V DC power supply
Output : choice between the two M12 connectors (depending on the DIM voltage range: 0-5V or 0V-24V) allowing to manage all EFFILUX products.

User manual

Potentiometer Characteristics CAD
EFFI-DIMMER Electrical power < 96W / 24V@4A
EFFI-DIMMER-3DIM Electrical power < 96W / 24V@4A
EFFI-DIMMER-PWR Electrical power < 288W / 24V@12A