EFFI-FD Flat Dome Lights.

EFFI-FD diffuse, powerful LED flat dome for reflective surfaces in industrial vision and for quality control.

EFFI-FD is a high-power flat light with camera hole offers high uniformity plus an integrated intensity controller.

Thanks to its mechanical design, EFFI-FD can be easily integrated on a production line and be an better option than typical dome lights EFFI-SDOME.

Typical applications:Character detection on reflective surfaces, barcode reading on curved surface, applications with a large field of view or mechanical constraints.

  • Excellent homogeneity (>90%).
  • Anti-reflection system to absorbs unwanted reflections from "interfering light.
  • Built-in dimming controller offers convenient and precise Analog Intensity Control
  • Continuous or Strobe use
  • Camera holes are available in 39mm, 50mm, 58mm and 65mm

- Technical specifications -