EFFI-FD flat dome.

EFFI-FD diffuse, powerful LED flat dome for reflective surfaces in industrial vision and for quality control.

EFFI-FD is a diffuse flat dome light for reflective surfaces. It generates both direct and diffused light.

EFFI-FD offers the advantage of being easily integrated on a production line. It is even often used as the main mechanical basis for the vision application. EFFI-FD can in some cases replace dome lighting EFFI-SDOME.

Typical application: Character detection on reflective packaging (metallic for example), reading of a hard barcode on the curved bottom of a box, Inspection of reflective surfaces with a large FOV.

  • Excellent homogeneity greater than 90%.
  • Anti-reflection system which absorbs reflections from "stray" lighting around the system
  • Integrated “AIC” driver which allows precise control of the light intensity
  • Continuous or strobe use
  • Camera hole of 39mm, 50mm, 58mm or 65mm

- Technical specifications -