EFFI-Flex-BL backlight in LED bar version.

EFFI-Flex-BL backlight led backlight in led bar version for machine vision and quality control with linear camera

EFFI-Flex-BL is commonly used in linear backlight mode to show the outline of the parts to be checked. However, it can also be used as very diffused directional lighting.

It is above all a lighting for linear camera, allowing the control of paper, glass, transparent material ... It is adaptable wavelength (from blue to IR), compact and practical to fix.

  • Integrated driver with AIC function for easy control of product intensity
  • Cylindrical option for a high power version
  • Robust design for applications in complex environments
  • Product available in IP67 and IP69K versions

User manual

- Technical specifications -

- EFFI-Flex-BL lengths -

YYY : Optical lengths (mm) 100 200 300 400 500 In steps of 100 Max 2900*
Product lengths 135mm 235mm 335mm 435mm 535mm ... 2935mm

* In standard time. For any length beyond (Up to 6m): Contact Effilux

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-BL-YYY...

Explanatory diagram of the dimensions of the components of the Effi-Flex-BL for machine vision and quality control

- Available wavelengths -

Color Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500K ± 500K)
ZZZ : wavelength (nm) 465 525 625 850 000

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-BL-YYY-ZZZ

- Homogeneity -

logo 90% homogeneity
Comparison of the homogeneity of an Effi-Flex-BL with different profiles - Longitudinal and Transversal

These measurements were taken on an EFFI-Flex-BL with an optical length of 200mm.

EFFI-FLEX-BL is offered with an opaline glass by default (OP): see EFFI-FLEX Standard

- Additional options -

> Option: Cylindrical lens

The cylindrical lens option improves collimation (concentration of the luminous flux), making it possible to increase the luminance on the exit glass by a factor of 20: the illuminated area becomes then finer.

CYL : internal cylindrical lens accessory

EFFI-FLEX-BL-CYL is offered with a transparent window and a default linescan accessory (LS): see EFFI-FLEX Standard.

Comparison between an Effi-Flex-BL equipped with a cylindrical lens and a standard Effi-Flex-BL for machine vision and quality control

> Option: Polarizer

The Polarizer option in the backlight application allows you to highlight welds , holes or thickness differences in the transparent materials.


If polarizer, add -POL in the part number
Possibility to buy only the accessory, see part number here
The standard polarizer is not suitable for continuous mode use of blue or white light. For this kind of application, the high durability polarizer is necessary.Available up to EFFI-Flex-45.
If high durability polarizer, add -POL-HDY in the part number.

Vision of a camera lit by a standard Effi-Flex for industrial vision and quality control Vision of a camera lit by an Effi-Flex equipped with a Polarizer for industrial vision and quality control

> Option: Zebra

The Zebra ZB mask is used at EFFILUX in metrology and deflectometry to reveal defects (scratch, impact, or positioning ...) on reflective, transparent surfaces , or semi-transparent ... For more information on these applications, please refer to this page.

The EFFE-Flex-BL with zebra mask allows transmission control of a transparent surface (glass, plastic, ...). The defect will be revealed in white on black on the shot.


Si option zèbre, ajouter -ZB dans la reference
Veuillez nous contacter.

Flex BL fitted with a glass with zebra technology

- Drawings -

> CAD files

Optical lengths (mm) 100 200 300 400 500 600 ...
Product lengths (mm) 135 235 335 435 535 635 ...
CAD ...

You can find the drawing and the weight of the products in the technical doc page.

- Mechanical versions EFFI-FLEX-BL -

Sealing "Openable" body Water cooling possible
(For high power)
Smooth walls
Food option
Standard version
Compact version
Stainless steel version

The characteristics of the optics and the electronics of the EFFI-Flex-BL-CPT and EFFI-Flex-BL-IP69K are the same than the standard EFFI-Flex-BL. For the mechanical plans of the EFFI-FLEX-BL-CPT and EFFI-FLEX-BL-IP69K, refer to the pages of EFFI-FLEX-CPT and EFFI-FLEX-IP69K.

- Connectors -

The EFFI-Flex-BL is supplied directly at 24V DC via an M12 - 4 pins, or M12 power 4 - pins, depending on the power consumption of the product. Attention, the AIC pin must be connected.

Characteristics of the 4-pin M12 connector used to power the Effi-BL for machine vision and quality control
Pin number Description Cable color
1 +24V Brown
2 n.a. White
3 GND blue
4 AIC: Analog intensity control
Max 24V DC

Refer to technical sheet for details of the electrical consumption of each EFFI-Flex-BL.

- AIC control -

Graphic representing the light produced by an Effi-FLEX-BL as a function of the current received thanks to an AIC pin - Used for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-Flex-BL is powered by a 24V DC source.

By using the AIC pin, the light intensity can be increased linearly:
• 0V - OFF
• 24V - Full ON

- Option : Version Power -

Standard version

Version Power ("PWR")

If Power version, add -PWR at the end of the reference.


- Optical accessories -

- Mechanical accessories -

- Electronic accessories -

- Available upon request -

Custom cap

Other positions of connector

For all other inquiries contact EFFILUX.