EFFI-Flex-CPT IP67 compact LED bar.

effi-flex-CPT direct or grazing high power led bar light or backlight for machine vision and quality control

EFFI-Flex-CPT LED bars are equipped with high power LEDs, offers multiple solutions in a single light by offering different lens adjustment positions.

It is adaptable in color, compact and practical to fix thanks to its profile. Thanks to its more or less diffusing diffusers and polarizer, EFFI-Flex-CPT offers directional lighting, grazing or diffuse suitable for a large number of industrial vision applications, robotics, logistics,…

  • Flexibility in the choice of diffuser and emission angle (from 90 ° to 10 °) to find the right compromise between power, lighted area and uniformity.
  • Integrated driver with Auto-strobe function which automatically increases the power by 300% in overdrive mode, compared to continuous mode.
  • Robust design for applications in complex environments
  • Water cooling possible for higher power bars

The EFFI-FLEX-CPT is an EFFI-Flex whose body cannot be opened: Any configuration must be defined when ordering with prior test on EFFI-FLEX (Standard)

- Technical specifications -