EFFI-Lase V2 structured lighting with interchangeable masks.

EFFI-Lase-V2 new generation LED lighting structured pattern projector or pattern for alignment, 3D profilometry and stereovision.

EFFI-Lase V2 is the new EFFiLUX structured LED lighting. It is designed for 3D reconstruction, stereovision and alignment applications. It projects powerful and with great finesse patterns such as : line, cross, cloud of dots... Compared to its predecessor EFFI-Lase, it is 6 to 15 times more powerful * and it allows to easily interchange masks.

There are 2 versions of EFFI-Lase V2 :
- Compact version (standard) : EFFI-Lase-CPT
- Passive cooling version : EFFI-Lase-PSV

Each product offers different mechanical and electronic characteristics according to your needs.

* Depending on the chosen LED card

- Technical specifications -