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Spanner wrench
The EFFILUX wrench is used to install and adjust the retaining ring when changing masks.
EFFM-SPANNER-WRENCH The spanner wrench EFFILUX is used to install and adjust the retaining ring for masks changing. EFFI-Lase V2, EFFI-Sharp V2

> How to change the mask ?

In order to change the mask of your EFFI-Lase, you first have to get a wrench. Then, you will have to unscrew the ring used to maintain the mask of EFFI-Lase. Once the ring is unscrewed with the wrench, you must remove the ring from the EFFI-Lase.
1) Spanner wrench 2) Unscrew the ring 3) Remove the ring
Now that the ring is removed carefully remove the mask and place the one of your choice. After positioning the new mask, be sure to reposition the ring. Finally, tighten the ring on the EFFI-Lase with the wrench.
4) Change the mask 5) Interpose the ring 6) Screw the ring

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