EFFI-Lase V3 Ultra High Power Structured Lighting LED Pattern Projector

Effilux EFFI-Lase V3 Powerful High Precision Structured Lighting LED Pattern Projector

Thanks to its LED source and the precisely engraved masks, this latest EFFI-Lase V3 is much more powerful than previous versions. It overcomes some of the difficulties of conventional laser sources by providing extremely high power , perfect sharpness , and eliminating diffusion and speckle.

Several masks and colors are available. All E-mount lenses can be easily mounted on the EFFI-Lase V3.

This flexible LED pattern projector can be integrated into any machine vision system, making it the ideal solution for stereovision, 3D profiling, reconstruction, positioning and alignment and measurement applications, for example on objects with inclined surfaces or complex structures. A special mask is also available for bodyscanning applications.

  • Ultra high power, superior homogeneity, high contrast, without speckle
  • Multiple masks available, possibility of custom mask
  • Large depth of field
  • Compatible with any E-mount lens
  • The electronic mode are extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to each application

- Technical specifications -