EFFILUX bietet leistungsstarke Beleuchtungen wo jedes Detail zählt. Die Qualität unserer Produkte und die Sicherheit sind für uns wichtige Werte.

to ensure to each product an excellent level of performance and quality, all LED lighting EFFILUX are subject during their development to mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical simulations. This process allows for particularly severe control each technical solutions implemented and to verify the relevance of each product.

It's only after several months of development and testing in our R&D department that the product will be definitively validated.

The tests that are performed by EFFILUX concern the sealing, the mechanical strength, the individual control of each LED lighting, in terms of manufacturing quality and performance.

Tests are performed at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C.

Individual Test : Before they leave our assembly line, all EFFI-products are controlled individually. These operations include a test for measuring the lighting performance, achieved by means of a camera, and if necessary a seal test.

EFFILUX control the following parameters on all its products : Uniformity - illuminance - Power - Finish.

At each delivery, EFFILUX offers a certificate (see sample certificate) and a user manual.

On request, EFFILUX can deliver a CE certificate.


Garantiezeit : EFFILUX-Produkte haben eine Garantie von 2 Jahren ab dem Datum, an dem das Produkt versandt wird.

- UV-Produkte (Wellenlänge unter 420 nm) haben eine Garantie von 1 Jahr.
- Polarisatoren unterliegen keiner Garantie.