EFFI-Smart IP69K
Waterproof double row LED bar resistant to washing chemicals of the agri-food industry

EFFI-smart ip69k lighting LED bar high power direct or grazing or backlight for industrial vision and quality control for food industry & washing environments.

The IP69K series are equipped with a 100% waterproof stainless steel profile especially designed for food industry and wash environments.

EFFI-Smart IP69K is a double row LED bar. This is the most powerful EFFILUX solution (twice as powerful as the EFFI-Flex LED bar). With its IP69K sealing, it is possible to choose the position of the lens and consequently the emission angle

EFFI-Smart IP69K is in a way the assembly of EFFILUX tricks and technologies in a single product :

- Robust
- Waterproof (IP69K)
- Flexible
- Auto-strobe
- Very fast response time.

EFFI-SMART IP69K is an EFFI-Smart whose body is made of stainless-steel : Any configuration will have to be defined during the order with preliminary test on EFFI-SMART (Standard)                 

For food processing environment, the nickel-plated brass gland can be replaced with a stainless steel one.
If stainless steel gland, add -FOOD in the part number.


- Technical specifications -